Judy Wolinsky

My photographic prints reflect the way I see the world. From an abandoned building to a funny little praying mantis, I see the challenge of capturing the essence of my subject. Some of my photographic prints are straight out of the camera, and others I have added textures to create the mood of how I envision the subject. Sometimes I get really inspired and create a composite print from several of my images. Regardless of the creative path I take, it is all driven from the passion I have for photography. I live in Thornton, Pennsylvania with my husband. Currently retired from my full time job as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. My favorite pastimes are photography, gardening and reading. I have been into photography since a very young age. Every new advancement in the field of photography has offered a great challenge and learning experience. My main focus in photography is landscapes and nature. I love the challenge of photographing the breathtaking moments around us. From the little hummingbirds in my gardens to the majestic sunset down by the beach. To be able to capture a moment in time is exhilarating for me, it is my passion. Thanks for your time and enjoy!!! Happy browsing!! Judy