Acrylic Prints-What are they and why are they so expensive

Acrylic prints are beautiful.  They give depth and clarity to your artwork.  Color and detail of a print pops when encased within acrylic.  These, however, are only part of the benefits of investing in an acrylic print.  The acrylic print is lighter than a framed piece.  It offers UV protection, which prevents your artwork from being damaged by sunlight.  It will protect the print from moisture damage.  Acrylic will not shatter.  Most importantly, it will offer a uniqueness to your artwork, making it bright, with a glossy appearance. It will give a modern look resulting in a vibrant, sharp, work of art.

So how is an acrylic print made? First, an image of your artwork is printed on a high quality photographic paper.  This print is then sandwiched between two 5mm pieces of acrylic.  Next, it gets pressure bonded to the back of a diamond polished acrylic sheet.  The hanging mechanism is attached to the back and the print is ready to hang.  Seems like a quick and easy process, right?  So why is an acrylic print more expensive than a canvas or a metal print?

FIrst of course, is the cost of materials and the process, which requires more time and skill.  But the one main reason I justify the cost of acrylics, is the durability of the piece.  This artwork will last forever.  You will not have to worry about the print fading or buckling like under the glass.  It goes with any decor, it never goes "out of style".  In other words, it is a "forever" piece.  So, if you are the type of person who likes to switch out your artwork frequently, this is not for you.  

The pro lab I send my work to be printed offers two thicknesses of Acrylic prints 1/4" and 1/8".   I am posting some pictures of an acrylic print below so you have an idea of what it looks like.  These are 1/4" acrylic.  


The acrylic print                                                    Side view                               Hanging Hardware mounted

These images are 5" x 5", I can display it table top as well as being hung on the wall.  Since they are small, I can get several complimentary pieces and hang as a series.  The choices are endless.

As far as what type of print you should have made into an acrylic print, my personal preference for choosing a photograph, is one with a subject against a dark background or an overall colorful image.  Remember, this type of mediums makes your colors and detail pop!!! The image above is a dark green background, but I have seen some work with a black background and they are really stunning!!!   I wouldn't suggest a print that shows a fair amount of texture, like linen or canvas look added to the image (again, this is my personal opinion!).   A portrait of a special person also looks great in acrylic, but beware, it really does make details pop!  Just saying!!

So, I hope this helps when try to choose what type of medium to pick for the artwork you want to display in your home.  Next month I will tell you all about Metal prints.

Have a great month!!  Stay safe and healthy!!


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